Research Results


Computational Electromagnetism

Implementation of efficient numerical methods in computational electromagnetism, based on Method of Moments (MoM) Finite Elements (MEF), Modal Analysis (MA) and Domain Decomposition (DD).

Reflectarray Antenna Design Tool (RAD_Tool_UPM)​

This is a software tool to design multilayer reflectarray antennas using patches of variable size. The code is used to define the antenna geometry and to obtain the dimensions of the reflectarray patches to generate a previously defined radiation pattern. From the dimensions of the metallizations in each layer, the masks for photo-etching are obtained. Once the reflectarray antenna has been fully designed, the software evaluates the radiation patterns in gain (dBi), including co-polar and cross-polar components.

Software Tool for Advance Reflectarray Design from UPM  (STARD-UPM)​

A software tool has been implemented and validated for the design of shaped–beam antennas to operate in transmission and reception at Ku band for GEO satellites. This software is the result of a contract with ESA and has been validated by the design, manufacture and measurement of a1.1-m  demonstrator to meet the requirements for a South American coverage.

Software Tool for Advance Reflectarray Design from UPM  (STARD-UPM)​

Se ha implementado y validado una herramienta de software para el diseño de antenas reflectarray de haz conformado para antenas en satelitales GEO que operan en transmisión y recepción en banda Ku. Este software es el resultado de un contrato con la ESA y ha sido validado mediante el diseño, fabricación y medida de un demostrador 1,1 m para cumplir las especificaciones de una antena con cobertura de Sudamerica.

Software Tool for Multi-Beam Parabolic Reflectarray UPM  (SMART_UPM)

This software has been implemented and validated to design reflectarray antennas that generate multi-beam coverage from GEO satellites for Ka-band internet access.  These antennas generate two beams in orthogonal circular polarization per feed, allowing to reduce the number of antennas in the satellite by half. The software has been validated by designing, manufacturing and testing a 90cm parabolic reflectarray demonstrator.

Software Tool for Multi-Beam Parabolic Reflectarray UPM  (SMART_UPM)

Se ha implementado y validado un software para diseñar antenas reflectarray que generan una cobertura multi-haz desde satélites GEO para acceso a internet en banda Ka. Estas antenas generan dos haces en polarización circular ortogonal por cada alimentador, permitiendo reducir el número de antenas en el satélite a la mitad. El software se ha validado con la construcción y medida de un demostrador de antena parabólica de 90cm de diámetro.​


Waveguided components:

We have designed, built and measured different waveguide components: polarizers, filters, diplexers/triplexers, OMT, power combiners, beam forming networks, as well as periodic structures and electromagnetic metamaterials.​


New reflectarray antenna technologies for satellites​

Reflectarray antenna in Ku-band that generates an European coverage in Horizontal polarization (11.45-12.75 GHz) and a North America coverage in Vertical polarization (11.45-11.7 GHz) from a GEO satellite.​

Reconfigurable beam antenna for 5G networks in millimeter waves​​

Components in Satellites

Dichroic subreflector for the European Mars Express mission (in operation)​

It allows to reuse the high gain antenna (HGA) for data transmission to the Earth in the S and X bands.​ ​