José Antonio Encinar Garcinuño

José Antonio Encinar Garcinuño

Full Professor and Head of the GEA

José A. Encinar José A. Encinar (Fellow, IEEE) is a Professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) since 1991. He received the Master and Ph.D. degrees on the Electrical Engineering, both from UPM, in 1979 and 1985, respectively. Since January 1980, he has been with the Applied Electromagnetics Research Group (GAE) at UPM, as a Teaching and Research Assistant (1980 – 1986), Associate Professor (1986–1991) and Full-Professor (1991– present). He is the leader of the Research Group GEA, which is currently  integrated in the “Department of Signals, Systems and Radio Communications” and in the “Information Processing  and  Telecommunications Center”, both from  UPM. He was with the Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY, as a Post-doctoral Fellow of the NATO Science Program (1987); and the Institute of Electronics, Communication and Information Technology (ECIT), Queen’s University Belfast, U.K. (2006 and 2011), as a Visiting Professor.

Prof. José A. Encinar has a large experience in developing software tools for the analysis and design of multilayer printed array and reflectarray antennas, and in the design, manufacturing and test of dichroic subreflectors, printed array and reflectarray antennas for space applications. The most significant contribution made by Prof. Encinar in the topic of reflectarray antennas is the development of several concepts, as stacked patches, True Time Delay (TTD) and multi-fed reflectarrays, that allow significant improvements of the electrical performances, such as bandwidth, efficiency, losses, beam-shaping accuracy, polarization purity, dual-frequency and multi-beam operation. He is co-author of the first book published on reflectarray antennas [J. Huang, J. A. Encinar, Reflectarray Antennas, New York: Wiley-IEEE Press, 2008]. He is the author of the chapter “Printed Reflectarray Antennas for Space Applications” in the “Space Antenna Handbook”, Ed. W. A. Imbriale, S. Gao, L. Boccia, John Wiley & Sons 2012. ISBN: 978-1-119-99319-3. He has received the 2005 H. A. Wheeler Applications Prize Paper Award, and the 2007 S. A. Schelkunoff Transactions Prize Paper Award, given by IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society for two papers on reflectarray antennas for space applications. He has been elevated to IEEE Fellow with the citation: “for contributions to analysis and design of reflectarray antennas”. He keeps a worldwide top record in the development of new reflectarray antenna architectures including fixed beam and reconfigurable antennas for point to multipoint communications, beam scanning and space applications, supported by the European Space Agency (ESA), the Spanish Government and by the European Commission for research.

The research activity carried out by Prof. Encinar are mostly focused in applications to space antennas, such as Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) antennas and multi-beam satellite antennas in Ka-band. He was in charge of the electrical design of the  S/X-band dichroic subreflector for the High Gain Antenna (HGA) of “Mars Express” and “Venus Express” missions, which have been in operation with satisfactory results. Currently his research lines focus on the development of new reflectarray antenna configurations for space applications and for 5G communications networks.

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